Why We Built Quanta

We want to have a healthy relationship with our money.

We want you to have a healthy relationship with your money.

That’s really what keeps us going. That’s why we show up to work everyday.

Over the past 25 years the team behind Quanta has used every personal finance product that has come out and has never been really satisfied. If you’re like us, you want to feel like you’ve got a handle on your money but don’t want to spend tons of time thinking about it.

In the past we’d drift back and forth between spending too much time creating, for example, the ‘perfect’ custom category system and just flat ignoring money (to a truly unhealthy extent!). Both are unsustainable.

A core belief here at Quanta is that having a healthy relationship with one’s money has a huge impact on overall quality of life and it begins with balance – not obsessive and also not ignorant.

So, we set out to build a product that we wanted to use and believed that in so-doing we’d build a product that lots of other people would love too. The key is making it…

Easy to Keep Using

Your financial life is a ‘marathon not a sprint’ – the best financial tool will be one that you keep using for years that helps you maintain just the right amount of awareness of what’s happening with your money.

Team Quanta believes this means:

  1. No manual data entry. Few people will take the time to manually enter transactions.
  2. Not highly customizable. As customization gets unwieldy and leads to spending too much time setting up an app.
  3. Near Term vs. Long Term. Focused on living more profitably over the days/weeks/months. Not big grandiose, abstract, far out goals like retirement.

Team #

The team behind Quanta is very small (<5 people currently) and has a background in engineering, product management, and product design at some of the biggest tech companies around (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, etc.).

Funding & Location #

The company is funded by membership revenue and we’re based in San Francisco, California.

The Business #

From the beginning we wanted to build a subscription service. No advertising. No selling user data. We want to serve you, not advertisers. Read more about why we charge for Quanta.

Get In Touch #

We’d love to hear from you with any thoughts, issues, anything!

As always - please feel free to send questions and comments to team@quantamoney.app or message us on Twitter.

Thomas, Team Quanta


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