Why Quanta Isn’t Free

The Short Version #

The membership enables us to focus totally on protecting your data and privacy, and to spend all of our time, energy, and attention on making Quanta delight you.

Our business model makes your happiness our priority. We put your privacy and data protection first and continually improve Quanta to better help you achieve financial freedom.

The Longer Version #

You’ve heard that nothing is free. On the internet it seems that many things are free but you’re always paying in one way or another – with your data and your attention – often these sold to advertisers in order to support a business.

The Quanta business is supported by a membership for two primary reasons:


Quanta has no advertising and we do not collect any data other than what’s needed to deliver the service. We do not share customer data with anyone. Instead of thinking about ways to make more money with user data we actually spend time thinking about how we can gather less information and discard more information. Read more about our approach in Common Sense Privacy & Security.


This one is simple – the better we make the product, the more subscribers we will have. So the membership enables us to maintain total focus on your experience, your delight with Quanta. We’re always working to make Quanta more clever, more intuitive, and faster.


Find Wasted Money - New members often find recurring charges that were ‘flying under the radar’ and other expenses that can be cut painlessly - then Quanta helps maintain profitable living over the long term.
We Serve You

Extended Free Trial Period #

In order to earn your trust and business we offer a long free trial period to new customers so that you can make up your own mind whether Quanta is valuable for you.

Get In Touch #

We’d love to hear from you with any thoughts, issues, anything!

As always - please feel free to send questions and comments to team@quantamoney.app or message us on Twitter.

Thomas, Team Quanta


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