Mint® and Quicken® Don’t Deserve Your Trust or Business

Mint® and Quicken® Don’t Deserve Your Trust or Business #

Podcast Episode: Reply All “Dark Patterns” #

Think your financial information is safe with Mint®, Quicken®, and TurboTax®? Answer after listening to this riveting episode of Reply All, one of our favorite podcasts here at Quanta.

This episode covers the reporting of Pro Publica on Intuit’s unethical and potentially fraudulent marketing practices, the full Pro Publica series can be found here.


Back in 2003 the US federal government granted a monopoly to Intuit (the company behind Mint, Quicken, and TurboTax) to offer online tax filing services. In exchange for the monopoly the government required Intuit to provide the online filing service for free to a large segment of the population (people making less than a certain amount per year).

Intuit did make a free version but not only did they bury it behind another version that was not free, they actively took measures to make the actually free version nearly impossible to find or use.

Unethical in the least, but criminally fraudulent? Time will tell.

Quanta Is On Your Side #

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