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Secure & Private #

We’re dealing with your financial information and you want to know how safe it is with us. Quanta has been designed from the beginning to provide you with the greatest possible confidence in using our product, here are the key points to know but if you have any questions or concerns at all please get in touch at

I: You Are The Customer #

We earn money only from your membership. #

We do not sell or share any information with third parties. We do not make money from your identity or information. We made the decision at the very beginning of Quanta to charge a membership fee (read more about this decision here).

This fact is extremely important to the privacy & security of your information because it means that our business interest is aligned with your privacy interest.

We (team Quanta) are motivated only by the desire to serve you as well as we possibly can. Our guiding principle is that if you (our customer) are not happy – we’re really unhappy.

II: Your Identity #

We are not interested in who you are. #

We don’t ask for your identity during sign-up and we avoid keeping personally identifiable financial information in our system. We are not interested in who you are or who your friends are. We do not try to connect you with any type of outside information, whether that is on social networks, or elsewhere.

III: Your Money #

Quanta can’t touch your money. #

When your accounts are connected to Quanta our systems receive information about your money. The account connection between your bank and Quanta DOES NOT give Quanta the ability to initiate payments or transfers or any other type of financial transaction.

The Quanta Membership fee is billed through Apple, further protecting the security of your money.

IV: Your Financial Data #

Minimize. Anonymize. Isolate. Encrypt. #

When you connect Quanta with an account with Quanta our systems receive transactions and account balances. The length of transaction history varies between banks but is generally a year or two and new transactions are delivered daily. Account balance information comes with with an account name (ex. “Personal Checking”), an account type (ex. “Checking” or “Savings”), and sometimes with the last four digits of the account number.

There are four primary things we do to protect your financial data in the Quanta system:

  1. Minimize It. Quanta stores as little information as possible: No name, no email address, no account numbers, no credit card numbers, no social security number, no payment information, no address. Nothing is stored that is not used to serve you and we delete data as soon as it is no longer needed.

  2. Anonymize It. Wherever possible Quanta removes information it can from transactions that could be used to identify you, for example, transaction location information like latitude & longitude.

  3. Isolate It. Quanta is designed to maintain a separation wherever possible between your financial information and data that could be used to identify you, such as your phone number or IP address.

  4. Encrypt It. All financial (and other) data in Quanta is stored with encryption.

At any time you can delete your Quanta account and that will destroy all of the information we have stored for you.

Together, these techniques combine to offer a level of security and privacy that should meet most people’s concerns, but if you’re not convinced yet we’d love to hear from you - to answer any comments or questions you may have.

Read more about how Quanta works here.

Get In Touch #

We’d love to hear from you with any thoughts, issues, anything!

As always - please feel free to send questions and comments to or message us on Twitter.

Thomas, Team Quanta

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