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Common Sense Privacy & Security

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Secure & Private

We’re dealing with your financial information and you want to know how safe it is with us. Quanta has been designed from the beginning to provide you with the greatest possible confidence in using our product, here are the key points to know but if you have any questions or concerns at all please get in touch at team@quantamoney.app.

I: You Are The Customer

We earn money only from your membership.

We do not sell or share any information with third parties. We do not make money from your identity or information. We made the decision at the very beginning of Quanta to charge a membership fee (read more about this decision here).

This fact is extremely important to the privacy & security of your information because it means that our business interest is aligned with your privacy interest.

We (team Quanta) are motivated only by the desire to serve you as well as we...

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How Quanta Works

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Quanta gives you a simple yet totally new way of seeing and thinking about your money.

In order to accomplish this without you having to enter any data the Quanta system securely imports your transaction history directly from your bank(s) and credit card(s) then performs a proprietary analysis that outputs your unique financial summary.

That’s the short version, a detailed explanation of how Quanta works follows…


We use a company called Plaid to access your transaction stream.

Plaid is based in San Francisco and they provide financial data services to many of the largest financial companies in the world (eg. American Express & Venmo/PayPal). Tens of millions of people around the world have connected their accounts to apps they love using Plaid. Check them out at https://plaid.com/

Plaid regularly undergoes both internal and external network penetration tests...

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Why Quanta Isn’t Free

The Short Version

The membership enables us to focus totally on protecting your data and privacy, and to spend all of our time, energy, and attention on making Quanta delight you.

Our business model makes your happiness our priority. We put your privacy and data protection first and continually improve Quanta to better help you achieve financial freedom.

The Longer Version

You’ve heard that nothing is free. On the internet it seems that many things are free but you’re always paying in one way or another – with your data and your attention – often these sold to advertisers in order to support a business.

The Quanta business is supported by a membership for two primary reasons:


Quanta has no advertising and we do not collect any data other than what’s needed to deliver the service. We do not share customer data with anyone. Instead of thinking about ways to...

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Why We Built Quanta

We want to have a healthy relationship with our money.

We want you to have a healthy relationship with your money.

That’s really what keeps us going. That’s why we show up to work everyday.

Over the past 25 years the team behind Quanta has used every personal finance product that has come out and has never been really satisfied. If you’re like us, you want to feel like you’ve got a handle on your money but don’t want to spend tons of time thinking about it.

In the past we’d drift back and forth between spending too much time creating, for example, the ‘perfect’ custom category system and just flat ignoring money (to a truly unhealthy extent!). Both are unsustainable.

A core belief here at Quanta is that having a healthy relationship with one’s money has a huge impact on overall quality of life and it begins with balance – not obsessive and also not ignorant.

So, we set out to build...

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Mint® and Quicken® Don’t Deserve Your Trust or Business

Mint® and Quicken® Don’t Deserve Your Trust or Business

Podcast Episode: Reply All “Dark Patterns”

Think your financial information is safe with Mint®, Quicken®, and TurboTax®? Answer after listening to this riveting episode of Reply All, one of our favorite podcasts here at Quanta.

This episode covers the reporting of Pro Publica on Intuit’s unethical and potentially fraudulent marketing practices, the full Pro Publica series can be found here.


Back in 2003 the US federal government granted a monopoly to Intuit (the company behind Mint, Quicken, and TurboTax) to offer online tax filing services. In exchange for the monopoly the government required Intuit to provide the online filing service for free to a large segment of the population (people making less than a certain amount per year).

Intuit did make a free version but not only did they bury it behind another version...

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“An Incomprehensible Disaster” - Privacy Policies on the Internet

Article: NYT “We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster.”

“[…] they’re verbose and full of legal jargon — and opaquely establish companies’ justifications for collecting and selling your data. The data market has become the engine of the internet […]”

This was a fascinating read, illustrated with a number of animated charts that reveal just how bad the situation has become with privacy policies.

We’re conditioned to not read them, to accept them without consideration, is that the way it should be? We don’t think so, especially with financial information.

One of the reasons we started Quanta was to build a financial company that puts its users first and one of the ways we do this is by designing our systems to protect the privacy and security of your information.

We genuinely want you to know how we use your information so we wrote two privacy documents...

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